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About CEO/Founder: Fiona B. Wright

About Fiona B. Wright

“That night I felt like a star,” Fiona recalls. “Energy like I’d never felt before.”

When the shy teenager belted JC Lodge’s signature tune “Someone Loves You Honey” before a packed auditorium at Manchester High School in Jamaica – with her parents and brother waving in the stands – her performance raised eyebrows.

Even though she’d been known to shun the public spotlight, Fiona B. Wright had enjoyed dancing and singing behind the scenes. But this performance – unbeknownst to everyone – would carve a path for her only the universe could foresee. 

Fast forward some decades – mix in a marriage, motherhood and an award-winning career as an account executive – and Fiona found herself right back where she started. Only this time, not on stage – but certainly not far from it. 

Reggae music – Jamaica – Caribbean culture, never left the England-born, Jamaican-raised mother of two, and 2004, she founded Caribbean Vibes Radio, which promoted some popular and up-and-coming music and artists while serving as a promoter on some of the most talked-about Caribbean sessions to hit the DC-Maryland-Virginia market. 

“Naturally, I love reggae music and Caribbean Vibes Radio was really a way for me to stay up on what was hot,” said Fiona of Caribbean Vibes Radio whose following has grown from the U.S. to Germany, United Kingdom, France and Belgium.

Caribbean Vibes Radio, which is mainly received from the ever-popular Tune-In App and is favorited by over 57,100 followers, would create an offspring venture called “Reggae Tuesdays,” which has its own story altogether.

“Reggae Tuesdays really started as a way for Caribbean people to get together to eat, dance, mingle and catch a vibe – without having to wait for the weekend, and to celebrate the richness of the music and culture in a more intimate way,” Fiona expressed. “And, it just grew and grew to the point now where we’re 10 years strong. I think about all of the relationships built over that time, and the overall incredible support. It’s truly a blessing.”

The combined platforms of Caribbean Vibes Radio and Reggae Tuesdays has afforded Fiona the opportunity to collaborate with local businesses and other service providers, to create and co-support charitable causes. One such cause includes the “Packing Party” in conjunction with Caribbean Cargo DC shipping company, where school supplies were collected and disseminated to schools in Jamaica. “To me, that’s been the biggest blessing from everything I’ve been blessed to touch,” added Fiona, who has also worked with the Society Restaurant and Lounge in creating “Clash for a Cause,” a creative way to combine music entertainment to raise funds for hurricane victims.

Much of Fiona’s work continues to be behind the scenes supporting various promoters, event planners, artists, patrons.

A spoken word artist, published author and life coach, Fiona is one of six women in the Washington, D.C. area to be recognized by SISTAHS INSPIRING POSITIVITY (SIP) for her contributions to Caribbean culture. 

“At the risk of sounding like my culture is better than everybody else’s, let me preface this statement by saying this,” Fiona explained. “My Caribbean-ness is everything to me. It’s who I am, and I’m so grateful for the path I’ve taken and look forward to spreading the vibes and extended love in my community.”

Fiona, who earned a BA in Corporate Communications and her MA in Publications Design Management from the University of Baltimore, doesn’t plan to make a return to the stage – but isn’t ruling anything out.

“With everything I’ve been through, I never say never,” said Fiona, who also earned her MSc in International Marketing with Tourism and Events from Edinburgh University in Scotland and IPAG Business School in France. “If the blessing is going to come, I’m here for it.”

For more information on Fiona B. Wright – and all of her ventures – go to or follow her on IG at @fionabwright.